Enter Casa Labia and immerse yourself in a world of extravagance. Kat van Duinen’s 2017/2018 collection embraces the splendour of evening wear. Honeyed gold, ruby red, emerald green and deep sapphire blue illuminate the slender floor-length gowns, tiered maxi skirts and flirty ruffled shift dresses. Frosty sequinned and jacquard numbers reflect the glittering history of bygone eras in this opulent Venetian palace.


With an elegant power and strength, natural touches ground the glamour. Iridescent smooth and Dupion silks contour the female form. Playful ostrich feathers shake and sway with every movement on capes and slip dresses. 

Warm, earthy crocodile and python clutches provide the ultimate contrast against the vibrant jewel-toned pieces.

Channel the modern woman in your occasion wear; a siren with a timeless sense of style. Each piece commands a statement of alluring beauty, and a promise of an unforgettable evening.