Crafted in a range of shades from genuine exotic leather, view the iconic accessories collection for which Kat van Duinen has become known.

“Our model, nude and adorned only in an extraordinary bag, perfectly embodies the simplicity of shape while still embracing a love for luxury.

"Uncomplicated yet daring – an ideal description of the Kat van Duinen brand.” ~ Kat van Duinen.

Choosing from a range of classic colours and exquisite skins, you’ll find the timeless, iconic Kat van Duinen handbag to suit you.


The kind that you treasure daily and pass down to your daughters. The kind that turns heads. The kind that provokes covetous whispers and green eyes. The kind that brings your sartorial side to life.

“The Kat van Duinen woman is confident and sophisticated... She knows who she is. She understands and appreciates luxury; she is unapologetically stylish.” ~ Kat van Duinen

For the woman who adores effortless chic – that understated sexiness found in minimalist cuts, luxurious fabrics and impeccable tailoring – yet loves an element of surprise, like a hit of electric blue or vibrant shot of African print, Kat van Duinen pieces are designed for you.