Fashion With a Heart

Kat van Duinen for Lalela Project Clutch Collection

Kat van Duinen collaborates with Lalela Project to create covetable clutches that each tells its own unique story, while also helping to uplift disadvantaged communities in Southern Africa through the joy of the arts. Exquisitely handmade and bound in exotic leather, the Kat van Duinen for Lalela Project Clutch Collection is a range of striking box clutches guaranteed to turn heads – and more importantly, help to transform lives.

The magic of this unique clutch collection begins when you open the sleek, elegant box clutch to reveal the bag’s incredibly beautiful heart: a silk lining that showcases eclectic, poignant drawings created by impoverished children who are being empowered and uplifted through the work of Lalela Project. In these artistic linings, each clutch captures the story of a precious child. Working across Africa and harnessing the healing and transformative power of the arts, Lalela Project works to break the crushing cycle of poverty among children, equipping and freeing them to determine their own future; one filled with success, sustainability and pride.

Which is why Kat van Duinen is proud to announce the Kat van Duinen for Lalela Project clutch collection, with a portion of the proceeds from the collection being donated to Lalela Project. This range of must-have box clutches will not only bring beauty and joy into your life, it will also bring beauty and joy into the lives of children across southern Africa – and that’s fashion with a heart.

About Lalela Project

One of the most challenging issues our world faces today is extreme global poverty – a vicious cycle that sees children born into poverty and never given the tools to break out of destitution and thrive. ‘Lalela’, which means ‘to listen’ in Zulu, is one of the founding principles of Lalela Project: listen to the needs of impoverished children, and you will be able to help them each pull themselves out of poverty with pride and success.

Lalela Project aims to give impoverished children the courage to not only pursue their dreams, but to conceive of dreams that exceed the poverty-stricken world they know. Lalela Project’s approach is a holistic one: the arts and creativity are directly linked to the ability of an impoverished child to strive for a successful, sustainable life and so, through music, art and ideas, Lalela Project equips children to achieve their fullest potential, and thus break out of the cycle of poverty.

Working with children of all ages across Africa, Lalela Project listens to the individual needs of impoverished children – of their communities and situations – to help educate, encourage and equip individuals to create a better future not only for themselves, but for their children and grandchildren too.

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