Kat van Duinen x BLOMBOY: Naturalis

Nothing can rival nature’s organic beauty – its unique formations, intricate creations and entrancing oddities. From the exquisite delicacies of a flowering bloom to the unique ridges and undulating motifs of an exotic leather, magic intrinsically resides in the natural, the real, the authentic.

And within South Africa – home to the exotic ostrich and majestic crocodile, and one of the world’s largest and most diverse collections of flora and fauna – there is no shortage of natural beauty to be explored, revered and celebrated.

It is this shared love of authenticity and the distinctive aesthetic of South Africa, and a relentless pursuit of beauty that make a collaboration between Kat van Duinen and BLOMBOY not simply natural, but an inevitability and a necessity.

Drawing inspiration from classic, genuine exotic-leather Kat van Duinen accessories showcased in an array of shades, BLOMBOY creates masterful floral artworks, complementing one natural beauty with another.

For more about BLOMBOY, the floral alter ego of dynamic South African creative, florist and designer Alwijn Burger, visit www.blomboy.com.