Kat van Duinen x Kelly John Gough: The Art of Fashion

There is something electric, powerful and passionate about the joining together of two creatives. She was captivated by The End, a particularly haunting piece of his; he was enchanted by her creativity and love of life – so when artist and designer met in 2011, a beautiful partnership was formed. Kat van Duinen and Kelly John Gough are each other’s ultimate muses; they inspire, inspirit and energise one another.

This collaboration represents the inseparable bond Kat van Duinen and Kelly John Gough share, acknowledging the perpetual influence they have on one another personally and professionally; it is impossible to separate Kelly’s paint strokes from Kat’s stitching and cuts. Creativity is underpinned by emotion, the strongest of which is love – it is this love that binds together the artistic processes of Kat van Duinen and Kelly John Gough.

Love is the spirit that motivates the artist's journey." – Eric Maisel

Here, through sensual shapes and transparent textiles, the beauty of the female form – a perennial inspiration in the individual work of both Kat van Duinen and Kelly John Gough – is celebrated.

Delicate silk chiffon and organza unwrap the unique lines of the body, underpinned by structural wool pieces and fresh, white, ostrich-skin accessories: a blank canvas for the inspiration of the artist.

Carefully curated throughout: accents of luxe leather pieces imprinted with Kelly’s characteristic artworks.

An intimate collaboration; a fashion statement; a work of art.