Meet Kat

Polish born Kat van Duinen established her eponymous fashion label in Cape Town in 2010, on moving to South Africa. Combining influences from her European roots and the vibrancy of her new home, she created a respected fashion house that evolved from solely a luxury leather brand to offer ready-to-wear garment collections as well as couture to private clients.

One of her signatures is premium, natural fibres, wherever possible, because, she says, they sit on your shape elegantly and move fluidly with your body; they allow your skin to breathe; they last, and they look and feel luxurious.

Frank and fearless, Kat has an unswerving passion for her industry, and fiercely advocates for a sustainable approach to fashion. She opts for handmade processes whenever possible, believing that this offers unique character to each piece, as well injecting distinctive care, investment, character and energy into every product.

“We must re-establish a pride in skills that are not only worth preserving, but help the planet a little. I am passionate about objects made by human hands. A product is luxe when it is handmade, tailored for few. Because today luxury involves exclusiveness - and not because it is addressed to few people, but because it's special instead.” ~ Kat van Duinen