Proud To Be Premium

“One of my signatures is premium, natural fibres, wherever possible, because they sit on your shape elegantly and move fluidly with your body; they allow your skin to breathe; they last, and, of course, they look and feel luxurious.” – Kat van Duinen

Kat van Duinen only uses the finest materials for garments and leather goods, offering impeccable craftsmanship and pieces designed to provide lasting style. The brand proudly advocates handmade processes whenever possible, believing that this offers unique character to each piece, as well injecting distinctive care, investment, character and energy into every product.

Kat van Duinen sources the finest fabrics, focusing wherever possible on natural fibres.

Only top-grade leathers are used from licensed and approved suppliers.

Attention to detail and subtle, sophisticated branding remain at the heart of Kat van Duinen.